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Have you visited Downtown Sanford yet? Sanford is in the heart of Seminole County, minutes away from Orlando, the theme parks. If you’re a foodie, it’s a must! They have the most incredible food and bar scene!

Whether you’re looking for a close-to-home getaway or a change of scenery, Downtown Sanford is THE place to be.

So here’s your Downtown Sanford travel guide with all the places to eat, drink, and see while you’re exploring the historic city.


If you’re here for the day, choose wisely. Downtown Sanford is small but there is a TON of options. If you live in Orlando, don’t worry. Sanford is so close, you’ll be able to come back and try it all in no time!

Where to Eat in Downtown Sanford

Shop These Looks


The bar scene in Downtown Sanford is incredible. There’s a ton of bars, cocktail lounges, and beer gardens. Most importantly, you get to avoid all the craziness you’d find in downtown Orlando.

My absolute favorite thing about Sanford is that everything is super close, there’s a ton of variety, and everywhere you visit, is so chill. You can feel yourself think, even when there’s live music! That’s a win for me. So if you can’t find a place you like, walk next door to the next place.

Where to Drink in Downtown Sanford


Originally we were going to try and do some hiking or kayaking, but we realized that’s a day of its own, especially in this Florida heat. Instead, we visited the Sanford Garden Club and explored the shops in Downtown Sanford.

I’m a newly-founded plant person, so when I heard the SGC holds an annual plant sale, I knew I HAD to go. Save the date for next year, guys. It’s worth it. I walked out with 7 different plants, including a tree, all for less than $100.

Our day consisted of eating, drinking, stopping by Maya’s Book Shop, eating, and drinking some more. There are some pretty cute shops and antique stores in the area, which I recommend you check out. We’ll be coming back once we’re done renovating the house.

What to do in Downtown Sanford

Maya’s Book Shop

Antique Shops

Seminole Garden Club (Annual Plant Sale)

Pots and Plants

South Seminole Farm & Nursery

Black Bear Wilderness

Spring Hammock Preserve

And if you’re looking for even more outdoor activities near Sanford and Seminole County, find them here.

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